The will of the people for the future of the nations

Elections are the primary method for people to partake in the government of their country in today’s world. Dozens of nations hold elections each year, and some of them carry the potential to alter the international conjuncture by changing the government.

Elections are crucial for representative democracies, the most prevalent form of government in the current political status quo.

All around the world, several general or presidential elections took place this year, and more are to come.

Nigeria was one of the early birds, choosing its next president in February. However, the election results did not please the public.

As Carl Umegboro says for the Cable, the people of the corruption-ridden country have been bothered by the incapable leadership for decades.

The turnout to the elections depicted this, with almost a quarter of the eligible voters showing up at the polling stations in Africa’s largest economy.

As the elections were regarded as a sham by several independent observers, the results bothered the populace no less than the past did.

Bola Tinubu of the All Progressives Congress - the ruling party - emerged victorious by garnering 37 percent of the votes.

The discontent of the public found many means of expression. One of them was the open letter of the World-renowned Nigerian author Chimamanda Adichie to the President of the United States, Joe Biden.

In the letter, Adichie expressed the frost felt by the people by claiming that the source of the disappointment was essentially the flaws of the polls.

Cuban people went to the polls with similar problems in March. With many crises (housing, inflation, extreme shortages of food and medicine) looming over the folks, the Communist Party - which is the only party - won again.

Dissent is prohibited in Cuba, and only the PCC’s candidates are allowed to run, with a few exceptions.

The presiding leader of Cuba is Miguel Díaz-Canel, and he is the most likely prospect for the post.

Because of the crises, the elections were regarded as a litmus test for the government. The relatively high turnout (three-quarters of the eligible voters) proved trust for the management.

Diaz-Canel said, "We trust our people who have come to protect the revolution, despite the brutal methods of the United States and calls not to vote." as opposition figures called on people to avoid voting.

"Not voting would be like voting for those who want to oppress us like the Yankees," 54-year-old Cuban voter Carlos Diego Herrera told AFP news agency.

The newest member of NATO had elections likewise on the second of April. National Coalition Party ousted Sanna Marin’s Demars from the seat.

Some scandals, including the Prime Minister’s visuals during a party, jeopardized her popularity in the Finns’ eyes.

Even though accession to NATO gathered sympathy, inflation and human rights controversies regarding the native Sámi people were enough for the NCP to collect slightly more votes.

On the same day, Bulgarian people also went to the polls to cast their votes. Though the Bulgarian election had a twist: It was the fifth consecutive election in the last two years.

Bulgaria has been in a political crisis for the last two years, mainly caused by corruption and misuse of EU funds.

Since 2021, five elections have taken place, including the one in April. None of them managed to produce a triumphant party or a viable coalition. Thus, the country has been led by caretaker governments appointed by President Rumen Radev.

Following the last elections, the runner-up party, We Continue the Change, declared that a coalition government with the winning GERB was near impossible.

Personal hostility between party leaders is the top reason why coalition governments do not come to life.

The inability to form a government hinders Sofia’s accession to Eurozone while undermining the parliamentary process.


Europe is facing some crucial elections in 2023, starting with Greece in political turmoil. With cause célèbres such as the train derailment and spying scandal, Mitsotakis’ government has taken a blow.

The leader of the Hellenic Republic faces a stark challenge as his party, Néa Dimokratía, is losing support as the due date closes in while the main rival, Syriza, has gained traction.

Euractiv stated that the difference between ND and Syriza was, on average, 6-7 percentage points (pp) in favor of ND before the accident. Subsequently, the difference decreased below the statistical error limit of 3 pp.

With elections on May 21st, Prime Minister is facing the threat of losing his post in a nip-and-tuck race.

A week ahead of Greece, territorial neighbor Türkiye is also going to the polls.

The Turkish folks will renew the entire parliament and elect their successive President on May 14th, precisely a week before the Hellenic Republic.

Four presidential candidates are running for the position: The incumbent President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan; the candidate of the main opposition, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu; Muharrem İnce, the candidate of the Homeland (Memleket) Party; and Sinan Oğan, the candidate of the ATA alliance.

Along with many in Asia, Pakistan is set to hold elections. The country is in tumult with the rupee reaching its nadir against the US dollar while Islamabad faces total depletion of its foreign currency stocks.

Ex-Prime Minister Imran Khan’s situation has created another wave of uproar in the country by his supporters.

The Government’s decision to not comply with the Supreme Court’s ruling only exacerbated the situation, with Khan calling on his supporters to get ready to “take the streets.”

Khan alleged that the federal government, led by the PML-N, had devised a strategy to violate the Supreme Court's order to hold elections in Punjab province on May 14th, encouraging his party followers to prepare to march to the streets to defend the Constitution.

Local state elections are critical for Khan’s campaign of forcing early general elections. Pakistan’s general elections are scheduled to take place between August 13th and October 14th.

Mansur Ali Bilgiç - 07/04/2023