Türkiye's oldest university bridges the gap between the past and the future through heritage and tradition

Istanbul University is one of the renowned higher education institutions in Türkiye and Europe. Ranking in the top 500 according to ARWU or Shanghai Ranking, the university harbors more than 60 thousand students.

Mansur Ali Bilgiç / mansuralibilgic@intell4.com

 Istanbul University, known as "İstanbul Üniversitesi" in Turkish, is one of Türkiye's oldest and most prestigious institutions. Founded in 1453 as the Ottoman Empire's first institution of higher education, it has a rich history and a strong academic tradition.


The oldest university of Türkiye has produced numerous notable alums throughout its history, including two Nobel laureates: Prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar in chemistry and Orhan Pamuk in literature.


The university is located in İstanbul and has multiple campuses across the city, with its main campus in Beyazıt Square as the central hub. Beyazıt campus is home to the Rectorate and many faculties, including the Faculty of Law, Political Sciences, Economics, and Science.

A little while after entering through the main gate, the “Atatürk and Youth Monument” greets the visitors, standing before the main building.